The essential guide to finding your Purpose through forgiveness

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* Natalie Baird-King *

Natalie Baird-King has achieved a successful career as a renown family law attorney, mediator, author, speaker, and advocate. She has educated the media, judges, attorneys, communities, corporations, Fortune 500 companies, executives, and non-profits. Natalie is a recognized expert on forgiveness and is revered for her steps to finding freedom from the past to standing empowered to live her purpose.

- Why this book is for you - 

Forgiving Unforgivable gives you essential keys so you can live your Purpose.

Finding your Purpose

Do you fee stuck in life and cannot figure out why you are not living your purpose?

Triggered by Emotions

Do circumstances trigger you to where you feel you are in an emotional loop each day, week, and year?

Traumatic Past

Have you experienced trauma from the past and those memories continue to haunt you?

Struggle with Depression

Do you struggle with depression which results from anger, guilt, and shame?

Ready to find Freedom from the past so you 
can step into your Future?